21 Aurora St. | Isham Beebe House​

21 Aurora St. | Isham Beebe House

Reverend Warren Isham (1798-1863) lived in this house, built by Leander Starr (1833-1920) in 1833. Isham was a Presbyterian minister and editor of the Hudson newspapers, The Observer and Telegraph, and Ohio Observer from 1833 to 1837. These local newspapers served Hudson and other nearby communities and often included articles written about religion and discussions about slavery. ​

In September 1832, Elizur Wright (1804-1885), professor of mathematics and philosophy at Western Reserve College wrote a weekly column in the Observer and Telegraph calling for the immediate abolition of slavery and attacking the methodologies of the American Colonization Society. The column, along with Professor Beriah Green's (1794-1878) sermons on abolition, set off a firestorm within the college community and town. ​

In December, Isham ceased publication of the column citing that it "was doing more hurt than good." Isham himself was known to be an ardent colonizationist and was likely under pressure from the college trustees (also colonizationists), who owned a large share of the newspaper. 

"That we were 'not cordial to the abolition cause,' regarded as an engine for the destruction of the Colonization Society, our readers know full well."  

Warren Isham, rebuttal to Elizur Wright, Jr., in Observer & Telegraph, January 17, 1833.